İstanbul Private Layover Tour / Atatürk Airport / Tour-7


İstanbul Private Layover Tour / Atatürk Airport / Tour-7
İstanbul Private Layover Tour  / Atatürk Airport  /  Tour-7
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Tur Kodu: CITY-7
Mevcut Kontenjan Durumu: 100 Kişi

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Upon your arrival in Istanbul Airport, your guide will be waiting by the exit gate just after luggage claim area.
He/She will be holding a sign with our company logo which you may find on the home page.

After your meeting with your guide , You will have a opportunity to experience Istanbul rather than wasting your time waiting at the airport ,
while enjoying your ride through city in air conditioned  Minivans 

You may schedule your own tour program with your guide according to your connecting flight, and enjoy your unforgettable time in Istanbul,
or you can accept one of our suggestions to visit, some of hundreds of historical monuments in Istanbul;

-         Blue Mosque
-         Hagia Sophia Museum
-         Topkapi Palace Museum
-         Grand Bazaar
-         Underground Cistern
-         Suleymaniye Mosque

After your tour , your driver will drop you off in airport for your further flight

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