İstanbul Golden Horn Tour / Tour-8


İstanbul Golden Horn Tour / Tour-8
İstanbul Golden Horn  Tour  / Tour-8
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Tur Kodu: CITY-8
Mevcut Kontenjan Durumu: 100 Kişi

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Half Day Morning or Afternoon tour. 

Starting  08:00 or 13:00 


  • Tour fees include A/C transportation, guidance in selected language, entrance fees and mentioned meals/drinks,
  • In Walking tours transportation is not includeded , You will be escorted by your guide from your Hotel to the museums area. 
  • 30% discount for children below the age 7, free for the ages of 0-2,
  • We kindly request our guests to be ready by the hotel’s reception 10 minutes before departure time,
  • Courtesy transfers from/to in-city hotels. Pick-up transfers may last from 45 minutes to 1 hour due to heavy traffic.
    Guests who prefer not to spend time at courtesy transfers should be ready at tour departure point 10 minutes before given departure time,
  • No smoking on our tours but all tours make frequent stops,
  • Cancellation is not possible in the last 24 hours. There will be no refund for any unused portion of any tour program,
  • We reserves the right to alter, postpone or cancel the tour without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances,
  • We disclaims any responsibility and shall not pay any indemnity or reimbursement in the event that certain  
    museums or monuments included in the program could not be visited with any reason beyond control,
  • We  will be under no obligation or liability in case the Bosphorus Tour is to be made, by any reason, with Maritime Lines
    boat instead of private motorboat ,
  • We are not responsible for any loss or theft of personal belongings during the tour,
  • Guests are to be promptly on time at the meeting points given by the tour guide. Tours will proceed without waiting the delayers,
  • Tour programs and prices may change without prior notice. Any increase in museum entrance fees will be reflected in the prices.


Replacement on Closed museum days

  • Hagia Sophia on Monday replaced with Underground (Basilica) Cistern
  • Blue Mosque visited from outside on Friday mornings because of noon prayer
  • Grand Covered Bazaar on Sunday replaced with authentic shops
  • Topkapı Palace on Tuesday replaced with Tour to Byzantium
  • Sultan Tombs on Monday replaced with Little Hagia Sophia (St. Sergius & Bacchus)
  • Dolmabahçe Palace on Monday & Thursday replaced with Eyüp + Pierre Loti Coffee House + Miniatürk,
  • St. Savior in Chora (Kariye Museum) on Wednesday


Half Day Morning or Afternoon tour. 

Starting  08:00 or 13:00   

Eyüp Sultan Mosque and his Tomb are the most sacred sites in İstanbul after
Mecca and Jerusalem where thousands of faithful people visit everday.
Eyüp El-Ensari was the flagbearer of Prophet Mohammed and died here 
during the Arabic siege of the city

in the 7th century. The old trees, pigeons, praying believers and the visiting crowd
create a mystical and colorful atmosphere around the mosque.

Teleferique (cable car) to Pierre Loti Coffee House among the green which is located 
on a hill with beautiful trees where you can enjoy the wonderful panorama of the Golden Horn.

Bird’ s eye view of the Golden Horn with the teleferique (cable car) while climbing to the café, 
550 beeline meters in 115 seconds. The coffee house takes its name from Pierre Loti, 
the French author and poet who was very fond of İstanbul and wrote as he sat in this coffee house enjoying the view.

Miniatürk, “a story land”, the most influencing open field miniature park exhibiting scaled models of the
most known masterpieces which create a fairy tale environment of İstanbul, Anatolia and the former 
Ottoman territories. It reflects the revival of Turkish culture and history in all its magnificence. 
Countless human figure models situated throughout the park such as a railroad worker, 
Muslims in a mosque courtyard, Jews praying in a synagogue, flower seller etc., 
portray the lifestyle of the society through ages.

You will mostly enjoy the colorful shopping center where you may find the best souvenirs from İstanbul.


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